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DNS Blocking Struck From SOPA = FALSE

Many sources on the web are stating that the supporters backing the SOPA bill have announced that DNS blocking has been removed from said bill. However, other sources on the web are saying not so fast.

Several outlets, such as this article on, explain how the statement was made, "I feel we should remove DNS-blocking from the Stop Online Piracy Act so that the [U.S. House Judiciary] Committee can further examine the issues surrounding this provision."

This article from explains how the key phrase "further examine the issues" merely hints at delay in DNS blocking. With "DNS blocking being such a key component."

Thus prompting my quick note for you to keep a close eye on the SOPA bill and it’s sister bill PIPA. Though outlets report a victory, there seems to be a gap in absolution or finality. Continue to voice your thoughts on how DNS blocking is bad. At least our voices are making a difference. Just to see them discuss removing DNS blocking from the bill is a start.

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